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A non profit organization to help and support parents associated with Mosaic Down Syndrome around the world in research and meeting new people. We hope that by finding us, you'll be able to contact other families, and join our circle of friends and support. Click here to help

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Conference planning for our 2009 Research & Awareness Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio is underway! We will have all the registration information available very soon! In order to serve you better, please fill out this quick 10 question survey concerning our 2009 Research & Awareness Conference. Click Here for survey Perhaps you are reading these words because a loved one was recently diagnosed as having mosaic Down syndrome (MDS) or perhaps you are a professional working with a person who has MDS. However you came to find this website, we hope it will be a starting point for you to gain support, along with a better understanding of this genetic condition. The International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association is designed to assist any family or individual who's life has been affected by mosaic Down syndrome